Water Management Discussions Heating Up

water monitoring with HortauAs the summer heats up, so does talk about irrigation management solutions for agriculture.

At today’s Forbes Ag Tech Summit in Salinas, Calif., water management was the focus of a number of discussions, including the panel “Life After Water.”

During the session, one of the panelists brought up a common misconception in terms of agricultural water management in California:

“There’s a lack of data for good (water) management. That’s a real barrier to knowing how you’re managing and improving …”

While there’s a lack of universal water management data reported at the state level, it’s worth noting hundreds of growers across the state have adopted water savings technologies such as Hortau to better monitor privately-held water reserves and make more informed irrigation decisions.

On average, Hortau growers can reduce water and energy use by 30-35 percent, all while improving production and crop health.

For those who aren’t familiar with Hortau’s irrigation management platform (which puts precise irrigation management data at growers’ fingertips), you can learn more at

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