Precision Irrigation: Pushing Yield Limits in Almonds

Did you know the U.S. leads the world in almond production, with much of that production coming from California?

According to a recent Ag Alert report, there are about a million acres of almonds in California today and the yield this year is expected to be around 2,295 pounds/acre.

By 2022, average yield is expected to be 2,484 pounds/acre, the report notes. Here’s a look at forecasts for the next four seasons:

  • 2,295 pounds in 2018
  • 2,341pounds in 2019
  • 2,435 pounds in 2021
  • 2,484 pounds in 2022

Last season, many Hortau growers already exceeded those 2022 projections, thanks to their use of precision irrigation management practices – such as scheduling irrigations based on real-time soil tension readings.

With real-time soil tension data, growers are able to ensure their orchards remain at optimal crop stress levels to maximize production and limit yield-impacting stress events throughout the season.

To learn more about Hortau’s work in almonds, visit our testimonials page. For more case studies of growers pushing yield numbers well over regional and state averages, contact us today for a consultation from a local irrigation expert.

Photo courtesy Hortau technician Shawn Doctolero.