The Hortau App

NEW Irrigation Tool

We are pleased to announce that our irrigation scheduling tool is now available to Hortau growers.

  • Easily adjust irrigation schedules based on your field data
  • View all of your graphs at once
  • Schedule irrigations

Download and Login


To use the new application, you must be an active customer with access to Hortau’s irrigation management platform. Please use your existing Irrolis credentials when logging in to the app.


You can download the app, Hortau Mobile, from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or visit the new app on the web at

Download Hortau on the App Store
Download Hortau on Google Play


Frost Alerts & Hortau Irrolis

Growers currently using Hortau frost alerts via our Irrolis interface are encouraged to continue using Hortau Irrolis through the frost season.

Hortau Irrolis will remain available for use at You may continue to use Irrolis for existing frost alerts or automation services currently not available in the new Hortau app. To learn more and to set up frost alerts in the new app, please contact your local grower support specialist.



Below are responses to a few common questions.

I see two apps in the App Store or Google Play store. What is the difference between Hortau app and Hortau Mobile? Which one should I use?
Hortau Mobile is the new re-designed application. You can recgnize Hortau Mobile by the white background.

Will I still be able to use Irrolis?
Yes. Irrolis will still be available for a while.

I have a lot of alerts set up in Irrolis. Will they be transferred to the new app?
No. The alert logic has been completely redone. The new format is not compatible with the old format. But we made it really easy to add new alerts in the Hortau Web app (

I can’t find the settings in the mobile app. Where are they?
All the settings are available in the Hortau Web app only.

I don’t see email and SMS communication options for the alerts. Is this normal?
In-app notifications now replace emails and SMS as communication modes. You may also request to be notified by phone.

How do I get login credentials for the new app?
Your Irrolis username and password are still good. No need for new credentials. The new app can be viewed as a collaborative tool, so we greatly encourage you to have unique usernames for each team member.

What does each color pin represent on the map?
Green indicates that your tension within the comfort zone (blue band).
Orange is warning you that it is nearing time to irrigate your field.
Red shows your tension is too high it’s causing unnecessary stress to your crop. Blue indicates that an irrigation is currently ongoing.
Light Grey indicates that one of the sensors or the device has not communicated with the server for over 60 minutes.

What does each temperature pin color represent on the map?
Green indicates that the temperature is safe for your crop.
Orange is warning you that the temperature is dangerously dropping or rising.
Red indicates that the temperature is either too high or too low and might be harmful to your crop.
Light grey indicates that one of the sensors or the device have not communicated with the server for over 60 minutes.

What is the Performance Index?
The Performance Index gives you an idea of how well you are keeping tension within the comfort zone of your crops. It represents the percentage of time the tension is kept in the blue band over time. The higher the Irrigation Performance Index is, the more productive your plants will be.

What is the Compliance Index?
The Compliance Index gives you an indication of how well your irrigation schedule is being followed in the field. It is a comparison between the planned irrigation events in your schedule against the events that happened in the field. 100% means that you have followed the irrigation schedule perfectly.

In the schedule, some irrigation events are in dark blue and some in light blue. What is the difference?
Planned events, events you added to your calendar, are represented with a darker blue color. Irrigations that were monitored in the field are represented with a light blue color. Thus, you can compare your planned events with your real events


Send Us Your Feedback

Have a question or feedback about our new app? Please send us your feedback at so we can continue to improve our services.

Download Hortau on the App Store
Download Hortau on Google Play