Irrigation Advising & Scheduling Service

Hortau’s Irrigation Advising and Scheduling Service give growers a boots-on-the-ground irrigation advisor that provides precision irrigation schedules based on the data sent back by our proprietary soil tension sensors. They help to ensure that the plants have precisely the ideal amount of available water. This focus on meeting the needs of the plant allows for maximum yields and a higher quality harvest.

Hortau’s irrigation advisors are bilingual, and CCA and CAIS certified, communicating to irrigators through the app precisely when and how long to run an irrigation set based on the actual needs of a crop. They regularly talk with ranch managers to discuss results, adjustments for cultural practices and the upcoming week’s crop water demand.

It’s the industry’s first full-service irrigation management program, providing the technology, service, and in-field experience to ensure each acre of your operation maximizes the benefits of Hortau’s precision irrigation management system.