Hortau can help pistachio growers use water more efficiently and support plant health.

Know when trees begin to pull water and only beginning to water when there is a demand to prevent anaerobic conditions, encourage root expansion and reduced water waste. As mature leaves develop and the plant begins to pull water, irrigate for that demand and support an optimal yield.

Our support team has worked with pistachio growers for over a decade, helping them meet their production goals. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your orchard.

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Grower Testimonials

Ryan Porto of Porto Brothers Farming in Kerman, CA, on growing pistachios with the Hortau.

“The year before we starting using Hortau we planted an orchard and had about a 30% mortality,” Porto said. “The first field with Hortau was a ninety acre block and we had a total of six trees die in ninety acres. We are so happy.”

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