How It Works

ST Field Monitoring Stations

Hortau’s ST Field Monitoring Stations push the envelope of precision irrigation management technology.

The ST units are the most accurate and dependable real-time field monitoring stations on the market and are ideal for all crop and irrigation types.

Rugged and powerful, ST units have proven themselves time and again under the rigorous demands of commercial agriculture. Operating on solar power, ST units go to work year-round in any growing environment and can monitor key data points from two to eight sensor inputs, sending the information to the cloud instantly via cell phone and data networks.

That data is then graphed and accessible in real-time via personal computer or mobile device, giving growers the ability to monitor crop health, soil moisture, weather instruments as well as the ability to remotely turn on irrigation equipment such as diesel and electric motors for pumping.

Automation Technology

With Hortau automation, growers can initiate irrigation instantly from their mobile device or PC, or allow pre-set triggers such as weather conditions or soil tension determine when the system turns on and off — all visible and controllable through Hortau’s dashboard.

Advantages to Hortau automation include:

  • Pump auto start on an assortment of electric and diesel engines
  • Valve actuation on up to three DC latching solenoids
  • Device configuration over the air
  • Initiate irrigation based on sensor readings in addition to a fixed schedule.
  • Ability to manually override automation in Irrolis


Cloud-Based Irrigation Management Software

Hortau’s easy-to-use software puts the user first, simplifying key metrics and clearly identifying the optimal growing environment for your specific crop.

The system securely captures and reports data in real-time from any of the stations above, giving owners and ranch managers better visibility into their most prized assets (land and crops), as well as their day-to-day farming operations.

Hortau’s software has also been optimized for mobile devices and is accessible 24/7 from anywhere, via smartphones, tablets and computers.

The software can trigger custom alerts, protecting your investment while you sleep with instant phone and email alerts in the event of frost and other critical weather events.



Soil Tension: Hortau has the most advanced soil tension sensor on the market. This patented technology allows for precise irrigation management in any soil type, crop and growing environment.

Temperature (unshielded): Unshielded temperature sensors can be used for measuring soil temperature or night-time air temperature for frost. Complement the sensor with instant mobile alerts and growers can respond to frost before it causes damage.

Temperature and Relative Humidity: The sensor measures both temperature and relative humidity, while using only one port. Radiation shields help provide accurate temperature readings throughout the day, even during extreme heat in the dry summer months.


Weather Station

This complete and compact weather station is built for dependability.

The Hortau weather station has no moving parts and requires almost no maintenance, ensuring accuracy with all of the measurements a farming operation needs.

Some of the main weather measurements include:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Rainfall intensity
  • Cumulative rainfall
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Solar radiation
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Degree-days
  • Chilling hours
  • Chill portions